Access A Single Pane of Glass Across Cloud Services

Scalable, Fine-grained Access Control for Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud


Cloud Data Access Control

Data access control across an enterprise presents a problem, with vast investments of personnel and financial resources required. Make centralized access control a straightforward endeavor with Privacera.

Improve business agility with the built-in access request automation workflows security access controls that allows for full network transparency, eliminating silos, and providing easy access to administrators.

Deliver better data security services to your organization while streamlining secure data access and producing a unified, consistent user access management policy across the entire organization.

A Centralized Platform for Scalable Access Policy Management Across Multiple Cloud Services

Adopt an all-in-one data access control solution to make everything from crafting a tailored data access management policy to centralized identity management a streamlined process. 

Privacera provides you with all the tools you need to implement secure data access controls and improve a network security system that helps, not hinders.

Scale your data with centralized access management to accommodate growing, expanding businesses and teams. Deliver responsible data-powered performance from an ever-expanding data landscape.

Streamlined Policy Management

A single pane of glass makes it easier and faster to define and enforce data sharing and compliance policies across cloud databases and analytical platforms. Federated authorization across multiple authentication systems (AD/LDAP, Oauth, SAML, Okta etc.) simplifies management and control.

Replace a Myriad of Manual Processes

An Apache Ranger-based architecture enables practical and precise management of a large data landscape. It limits the exponential proliferation of policies and provides a scalable way to control access to millions of petabytes of data.

simplify process, automation, bypass manual
Distribution, data sharing

Consistent Data Sharing and Compliance

Easily apply consistent compliance policies including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other regulations for data distributed across multiple cloud databases, analytics platforms, reporting systems and geographies.

Streamline Security to Reduce IT Workload

Alleviate the need for strong in-house expertise on the intricacies of security for each cloud datastore. IT teams can reduce efforts required for increased security of data distributed across multiple cloud services.

Challenges of Securely Sharing Data Across Systems

Options for Policy Management Across Multiple Cloud Services


  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

Single pane of glass across all services

Architected for cloud scale and performance

Dynamic access control based on roles, data, and metadata

Integrated, Robust Data Discovery and Classification

Support for Cloud and on-prem object stores (Google, AWS, Azure, EMC, ECS, etc.)

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