Sensitive Data Discovery

AI-enabled Automation to Identify Sensitive Data



Automated Data Discovery to Find and Identify Sensitive Data

Find and Understand Your Data at a Glance

You can’t govern or secure data you don’t know exists. It’s critical to identify and classify sensitive data as it is ingested, and before it is accessed by users. With comprehensive visibility to sensitive data, you can make the right decisions about who should or shouldn’t have access.

Uncover Data Across Multiple Cloud Services

Easily find and assess the risk of non-compliance to GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other regulations for data distributed across multiple cloud databases, analytics platforms, reporting systems and geographies.

Eliminate Piecemeal Manual Processes

Automatically detect and catalog sensitive data across multiple cloud databases and analytics platforms. With comprehensive visibility across different cloud services, you have better data to drive analysis and insights.

Challenges of RTBF, GDPR and CCPA

Comprehensive Visibility to Enable Compliance and Secure Data Sharing

Automatically gain comprehensive visibility of sensitive data across different cloud services

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