Secure Data Sharing for Databricks


Maximize Data Sharing Without Compromising Compliance

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Accelerate Migration

Accelerate migration of data and workloads to Databricks. Instantly transfer compliance policies from on-prem to the cloud to minimize the time to extract value from data.

Fine-grained Access Control

Securely share data with an extremely precise and scalable solution. Enable centralized row and column access control leveraging Apache Ranger-based architecture.

Native Integration

Ensure high performance and scalability with an integrated architecture. Seamless interoperability eliminates intrusive changes of alternative solutions.

Streamline Compliance

Simplify compliance for GDPR, CCPA, RTBF. Leverage automated workflows to easily manage data transformations and eliminate piecemeal, manual processes.

Find Sensitive Data

Comprehensive visibility of data across Databricks and other environments. Quickly identify sensitive data and determine who should or should not have access.

Control Access

Consistent access control across Databricks and other services. Accelerate business insights by easily democratizing data to empower data scientists and analysts.

Features and Benefits of Privacera and Databricks Integration​

Control via a single pane of glass​
Higher performance and efficiency​
Increased privacy & security at scale​
Integrated, transparent architecture​

Privacera + Databricks Architecture

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