Secure Data Sharing for Azure

Scalable, fine-grained access control for Microsoft Azure


Maximize Data Sharing Without Compromising Compliance

Easily Find and Identify Sensitive Data

Quickly assess risk exposure with a complete view of sensitive data across Microsoft Azure services including from table below

Consistent Compliance Across Cloud Services

A faster and easier way to securely share data

Distribution, data sharing

Integrated Security and Policy Management

Federated authentication across multiple cloud services including seamless integration with Azure Active Directory (AAD), as well as AD/LDAP, OAuth, SAML, Okta

Centralized, Fine-grained Access Control

A single pane of glass for consistent access control across Azure and other cloud services, such as AWS and Google Cloud by leveraging Apache Ranger.

Centralized management

Automate Data Compliance Processes

Simplify and automate compliance workflows for RTBF, GDPR and CCPA. Ensure consistency and reduce effort to manage privacy across multiple cloud services and geographies.

Extend Apache Ranger to Azure infrastructure

Expand ease of access control from Apache Ranger in Azure HDInsight to all components in Azure infrastructure stack

Data Compliance Reporting

Monitor data usage patterns and get alerts when sensitive data is moved. Generate out-of-the-box and customer reports to show compliance with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA and other data privacy mandates.

Maximize Data Sharing Without Compromising Compliance

Features and Benefits of Privacera and Azure​

Control via a single pane of glass​
Higher performance and efficiency​
Increased privacy & security at scale
Integrated, transparent architecture​

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