Accelerate Secure Cloud Migration

Instantly Extend Compliance with Apache Ranger


Instantly Extend Apache Ranger from On-Prem to the Cloud

Distribution, data sharing

Proven Scalability

Apache Ranger manages access to petabytes of enterprise data at scale. Maintain control of your sensitive data when migrating to the cloud with the same technology proven to work for securing the privacy of data on-prem.

Centralized Control

Integrated and efficient fine-grained access control of a large data landscape. Apache Ranger architecture replaces a myriad of manual processes and limits exponential policy proliferation.

Consistent Compliance

Easily apply consistent compliance policies for GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, LGPD and other regulations for data distributed across multiple cloud databases, analytics platforms, reporting systems and geographies.

Production Grade

Thousands of enterprises use Apache Ranger to manage access to on-premises Hadoop clusters. An open source project initiated in 2014, Apache Ranger reliably manages sensitive information across petabytes of data.

Compliance Challenges of Migrating to Cloud

Automated Data Discovery, Centralized Access Control, Anonymization & Masking

Privacera enables data governance across cloud data warehouses, analytics and machine learning environments, cloud storage, big data in the cloud and on-prem.

Increase Data Security, Optimize Resource Efficiency, and Enable Consistency across Environments:


About Privacera and Apache Ranger

Privacera was founded in 2016 by the creators of Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas. Apache Ranger is the leading open-source data access governance project for Big Data environments and Apache Atlas enhances sensitive data discovery for Hadoop. Both technologies are in use at hundreds of enterprises around the world.

These leaders in Big Data and Cloud have a long history of innovation and leadership in the data governance and security industry. They saw the need to extend the data governance and security work they had done for Hadoop to the wider cloud data ecosystem. Privacera builds off all the work the founders and the open-source community have done over the last seven-plus years.

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