Maximize Data Sharing Without Compromising Compliance

Distribution, data sharing

Simplify and Streamline Policy Management

A faster and easier way to securely share data with precision. Replace piecemeal processes with centralized fine-grained access control of PII/PCI/Confidential data in the cloud.

Automate Data Compliance Processes

Simplify and automate compliance workflows for RTBF, GDPR, CCPA. Ensure consistency across multiple cloud services and geographies.

Centralized management

Centralized, Fine-Grained Access Control

A single pane of glass for consistent access control of Snowflake by leveraging Apache Ranger.

Reduce Management Complexity

Leverage a small number of Apache Ranger policies and reduce the effort and complexity of Snowflake roles and grants management.

simplify process, automation, bypass manual

Features and Benefits of Privacera and Snowflake​

Control via a single pane of glass​
Higher performance and efficiency​
Increased privacy & security at scale
Integrated, transparent architecture​

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